Peter Kauders (Austria)

Peter Kauders is a composer who does not want to be constrained by the 8-tone-music, but is exploring the twelve-tone music, which means in terms of painting, that he has to invent a complete new technique, which allows him to add a missing component to the color, namely structure. For Peter, structure is rhythm, just like in music.

This structure is achieved by pressing different kind of materials such as wood, textiles, printed-paper, metal etc. in a sizing press. With a sander, Peter will start to remove sporadically layer by layer and by doing so creating “Silent Revelations” with complex images of graphical structures, patterns and rhythms. There is a process of creation that consists of several steps ranging from the initial idea of a picture to the actual output of the art piece.

The first step is to generate an idea on a conceptual level. This is a starting point of the journey. In his case, the idea is not stable as it can be developed/modified along with the process of creating an actual work and offers many possibilities to create different outcomes.

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