Daniel Romero (Mexico)

Daniel was born in Veracruz City, Mexico in 1970. He began his study of art at the tender age of 12 in the School of Arts of the City of Veracruz. He also participated in several workshops organized by the Institute Veracruzano de La Cultura. In 1990, he obtained a bachelor degree in Visual Arts at the Universidad Veracruzana. He also received a scholarship for his Artistic Productivity at the university. Romero then graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Instituto Veracruzano de La Cultura and was awarded the Scholarship of Young Creators during 1995-1996.

Romero has exhibited in various cities in Mexico, America, Japan, Cuba, El Salvador and Hong Kong, as a few examples. His work has been presented in both public and private galleries.

Romero explores the nostalgic vision of childhood and the discriminating analysis a child-witness bears of a cruel-yet-tender environment. He uses constant references to myths and folk narrative that shape up our psyche. Overall, his work reflects on the history of mankind and the experience of living.

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