Lola Abellan (Spain)

As a child, Lola Abellán often visited an amusement park on a mountain near her hometown. Her family says Lola’s favorite view was the view from that mountain, and they believe that view influenced the particular way in which she understands the world and its shapes. She began her art studies in 1975 at Massana School in Barcelona, and continued her professional studies at the Escuela de Artes y Oficios in the same city, where she graduated. Since then, Lola Abellán’s works have been exhibited in art galleries and fairs in different countries and she has participated in many events and contests, where she has achieved many awards, among them the medal of the Generalitat of Barcelona.

Lola Abellán’s work is a synthesis of a reality taken to the limit, combining intensity with sweetness, strength with delicacy. She takes her predominantly floral themes to extremes of simplicity and magnitude. The balance in her works, like she says, can be found in the schematization of shapes.

Abellán’s favorite themes are floral, organic forms, fruits, and living things inspired by nature and by movement, always natural in all their forms and shapes. Says the artist; “My goal is to recreate that universe, that look and natural gesture which evokes order and rest in our souls when we look at it.” Studied on the Massana art school in Barcelona with the specialty in textile design.

“Lola Abellán diffuses in her paintings elegance and simplicity, using the colors in a fascinating way, seducing us with her beauty and refinement of curves and lines.” — B. Bloch

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