Chau Shek Hung 巢錫雄

Born in Hong Kong, 1954 graduated from Hong Kong Academy of Fine Arts, 2003 Art Commune (Director), 2009 Hong Kong Contemporary Artists Association Founding Convener (Vice President), 2012 Jockey Club Lei Yue Mun Creative Centre (Art Consultant), 2005 Selected Outstanding Asian Art Awards 2005 Selected for the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennale, 2012 Hong Kong’s first oil painting competition, outstanding director of the Art Commune since 2003.

Engaged in many years of painting creation and art consultants; his creative style is diverse, including social thematic visual arts – flower brand series and subway communication series, selected for different exhibitions and awards. He has won several awards over the years, including the 2005 Outstanding Asian Art Awards and the Hong Kong Art Biennale, the 2012 Hong Kong First Oil Painting Competition Merit Award and the Beijing Special Exhibition (Wu Di Wu Min – Ding Xin South China) Oil Painting Invitational Exhibition. The works are also featured in art galleries, art institutions, auction houses, galleries and private collections.

In his case, the creation of this series is an occasional income after long-term thinking. At the beginning of the creation, the creative process is left-handed and right-handed, and it is possible to find a way to express one’s feelings. It is a lucky thing to think about it now. Creation is indeed not an anecdote. In the “Flower Card” series, he used some ancient cultural totems and symbols and put them together in the flower card, while giving a new color arrangement, but he did not want to treat the work as a painting. For how to express contemporary meaning in the works, for the most difficult subject matter, he uses traditional expressions such as hints or metaphors, but uses personalized text as an integral part of the work, so that the structure of one works Not monotonous, and second, to avoid the immediate emotional changes in the work.

1954 生於香港, 畢業於「香港美術專科學校」, 2003 藝術公社(董事), 2009 香港當代藝術家協會創會召集人(副會長), 2012 賽馬會鯉魚門創意館(藝術顧問), 2005 入選傑出亞洲藝術獎。 2005 入選香港當代藝術雙年展, 2012 香港首屆油畫大賽優異, 2003年至今藝術公社董事; 2009年至今香港當代藝術家協會創會招集人副會長 2013年至今賽馬會鯉魚門創意館藝術顧問 資深藝術創作及策展人,從2006開始籌劃多個不同展覽,其中被廣泛認同的包括策展多年的本地薑藝術邀請展、社會議題媒介展及於2011年的觀塘海潰公園雕塑專題展。

從事多年繪畫創作及藝術顧問;其創作風格多元化,其中以社會專題視覺藝術 – 花牌系列及地鐵溝通系列作品,入選不同的展覽及獎項。他於歷年獲得多個獎項,包括2005年傑出亞洲藝術獎及入選香港藝術雙年展、2012年香港首屆油畫大賽優異獎及北京專題展(吾土吾民 – 鼎新華南)油畫邀請展。作品更被美術館、藝術機構、拍賣行、畫廊及私人收藏。

在他來說,創作這個糸列是長期思考之後的偶爾所得,創作之初朦朦朧朧,創作過程左迴右旋,能找到表達自己感受的方法,現在想來是件幸運的事。創作,的確不是件容昜事。在「花牌」糸列作品中,他挪用了一些古老的文化圖騰和符號,并將之共置於花牌中,同時賦予新的色彩安排,但他并不想將作品處理為一幅「繪畫」,對於如何在作品中表達當代意義,對於最難處理的作品主題,他採用暗示或比喻等傳統表達手法,而是以個性化的文字為作品的一個組成部份,這樣一者作品的結構不至單調,二來避免了作品表達出即時的情緒變化 。

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